Dixon’s Gunmaker’s Fair

Chuck Dixon Chats with Tom Curran

Chuck Dixon

Tom Curran caught Chuck Dixon in the shop and collected this interview for Black Powder Mag. Even if you know Chuck you are likely to learn more listening to the interview. (Larry Pletcher) I had tried to call ahead to make an appointment to meet Chuck for this interview, but I don’t believe my message got through, judging from Chuck’s reaction when I asked him if he would grant me an interview. ... Read More »

Dixon’s 2007 Gunmakers’ Fair

David Price's swivel breeches are breath-taking

Dixon’s is the Mecca for all things relating to black powder and muzzleloading. Some of the most beautiful flintlocks in the world find their way here to be judged and displayed. This was my first trip to Dixon’s Gunmakers’ Fair. While I could only spend one day, I certainly was not disappointed. It was all I had heard and more. It was drizzling on the short drive heading from Allentown to Dixon’s, ... Read More »