• Two Hole Vent Test

    Two Hole Vent Test

    This test is a long time coming.  A couple years ago at CLA, Steve Chapman and I were looking over a flint gun made by Allan Sandy. The vent Allan used had two smaller holes located horizontally.  Allan said the ... Read More »
  • Projects to Come

    Projects to Come

  • Flintlock Lube Test

    Flintlock Lube Test

Contemporary Long Rifles

 CLA Auction Item: Boone Rifle by Ed Fish

Ed Fish is donating a copy of a very important rifle currently owned by Brian LaMaster. The rifle bears an inscription on the patchbox, N D Boone, Kaintuck done in a primitive style. Based on this inscription and extensive research Brian believes the original rifle may have been owned by Nathan Boone, and that it was built by Daniel Boone and William Arbuckle around 1790. The rifle could have been used by ... Read More »

CLA Auction Item: War Club by Gordon Barlow

Among the tribes of the eastern woodlands, few symbols could be as potent as the ball headed war club. Missionary John Heckewelder, who spent a lifetime on the frontiers of Pennsylvania and Ohio, explained that “When the Indians have determined to take revenge” they would leave a carved war club at the site of an ambush. It was a stark tribal message that many Europeans failed to grasp, but which native warriors ... Read More »

CLA Auction item – Sculpture by Bruce Meurer

CLA Auction item – Sculpture by Bruce Meurer For any craftsperson, the successful marriage of three-dimensional and two-dimensional disciplines is one of the most difficult hurdles of the creative arts. Buyers at this year’s CLA fundraising auction will have the chance to own a unique sculpture by master carver Bruce Meurer that skillfully accomplishes the feat. Meurer executed the piece in basswood, a tight-grained medium favored by professional woodcarvers. Measuring 11” high, ... Read More »

CLA Auction Item – Belt Knife by Mike Davis

CLA Auction Item – Belt Knife by Mike Davis Mike Davis has produced a fine Woodbury style belt knife for this years action. Mike is a repeat donor, having donated an iron mounted rifle last year that sold very well. This year Mike has turned out a 6 inch bladed knife in a classic frontier pattern. The whitetail antler handle with a poured pewter bolster shows Mike’s association with House brothers school ... Read More »