• Two Hole Vent Test

    Two Hole Vent Test

    This test is a long time coming.  A couple years ago at CLA, Steve Chapman and I were looking over a flint gun made by Allan Sandy. The vent Allan used had two smaller holes located horizontally.  Allan said the ... Read More »
  • Projects to Come

    Projects to Come

  • Flintlock Lube Test

    Flintlock Lube Test

Contemporary Long Rifles

CLA Auction Item – – Appalachian Style Linen and Leather Hunting Bag by Andrew Verdon

The linen hunting bag could be in the Appalachian Mountains, especially the Southern Mountains. This breathable fabric style bag was the precursor to the canvas web gear that served our military in two World Wars. The light weight fabric bag works very well as long as you avoid a lot of loose pointy things in the contents.   This linen bag with leather flap is nicely crafted by noted leather worker Andrew ... Read More »

CLA Auction Iten — Hunting pouch and horn with accoutrements by D Umbel, K Polizzi and J Eitnier

(The CLA Auction is August 18 in Lexington) There are few items in a hunter’s kit as crucial as a trusty possibles bag. For this year’s CLF fundraising auction, a trio of artisans – Dwight Umbel, Kris Polizzi, and Jerry Eitnier – teamed up to create a visually stunning bag and horn set that’s sure to become a family heirloom. The bag itself is the creation of CLA artist Dwight Umbel. Umbel ... Read More »

CLA Auction Item — Belt Knife by Charlie Wallingford

In 1748 George Washington was on his first adventure over the Blue Ridge in the Shenandoah Valley. Lord Fairfax had taken a liking to the 16 year old and thought to introduce him to the wilds and the art of surveying. In George’s Journal of My Journey Over the Mountains began Fryday the 11th of March 1747/8 Washington comments on their dinner with Solomon Hedges, Justice of the Peace “When we came ... Read More »

CLA Auction Item — Ojibwe Smoking Pipe by Don Shaver

The Chippewa or Ojibwe were a large indigenous nation with an agricultural history and a great engagement in trade. They traded copper, pipestone, and furs. By the late 18th century this highly civilized tribe had absorbed cultural elements and material goods from the Cree to the north, the Iroqouis to the east, and both French and English trade items. The traditional Ojibwa smoking pipe incorporated some of these changing cultural influences. Pipe ... Read More »