Contemporary Long Rifles

CLA Auction Postings Finished

(The cover photo is the Lodding/Wright horn.  The most recent posting, it is a spectacular item!) Postings for the CLA Auction are complete.  Thirty-one auction items are included here. An additional item can be seen during the CLA Show prior to the auction.  The Show in Lexington is August 18,19.  The Auction will be held at 5:00 on the 18th.  Below are all the items – click on each one to read ... Read More »

CLA Auction Item – Engraved Horn by Steve Lodding and David Wright

Steve Lodding ( and H. David Wright ( have teamed up to create a spectacular engraved powder horn inspired by an original in a private collection.  The antique French and Indian War period New York map horn, attributed to the “Pointed Tree” carver contains a base plug that was uniquely painted with a scene of a gentleman hunting birds over his dog. Lodding, who made and engraved the horn, used features of ... Read More »

CLA Auction Item — Rifle by James Frost

The early history of the rifle in America is always fascinating and problematic. We know that rifles were in use on the frontier prior to the French and Indian War. John Fraser mentioned the loss of seven “rifled guns’ at the Battle of Fort Necessity. Even earlier, in 1743, the trader John Armstrong stole a “rifled gun” and a horse from a Delaware Indian. Armstrong’s murder when the Delaware caught up with ... Read More »

CLA Auction Item — Elk Hide Hunting Bag by Gary Tingler

The longrifle is an essential part of the longhunter’s kit. But,the longrifle without the hunting bag is a difficult thing to manage. You could put the balls in a your pocket, if you had a pocket, or in your mouth, but probably not enough for a “long hunt” So the hunting bag became a natural accessory to the longhunter’s gun. It was also a presonal piece of equipment, with a number of ... Read More »