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Larry PletcherMy name is Larry Pletcher. I have been involved in black powder shooting sports since 1968. My first muzzleloader was a percussion pistol, which I made. Since then I have participated in many different types of black powder shooting. While I enjoy practically everything that shoots black powder, my current passion is for the flintlock.

As a teacher, I was able to use many black powder items in my Indiana History classes. Over the years, I had the unique opportunity to teach hundreds of fourth graders how to start flint/steel fires. Luckily I had understanding school administrators who allowed these activities.

During the late ‘80s, I met Gary Brumfield, master of the Williamsburg Gun Shop. I showed Gary my apparatus for timing flintlocks with a computer. With his encouragement, I wrote an article for the Journal of Historic Armsmaking Technology. The purpose was to compare original locks with those of today. Since then I have written a number of articles for “Muzzle Blasts” magazine in which I timed locks, vent holes and priming powder.

Recently my son encouraged me to work on a black powder site where we could promote all types of muzzleloading shooting sports. BlackPowderMag.com is the result. We hope to build this site into a resource for the beginner and veteran alike. Some of the initial articles are reprints from work that I submitted to Muzzle Blasts. Additionally we are excited about providing interviews of prominent gun makers. These will be in the form of podcasts which you can download.

–Larry Pletcher–

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