CLA 2019 Auction: Classic patch knife by Verlin Cossel 

CLA 2019 Auction: Classic patch knife by Verlin Cossel 

Classic patch knife by Verlin Cossel

Every blackpowder shooter needs a dependable patch knife in his kit, and this year’s CLF fundraising auction will afford attendees the opportunity to own a truly fine example by knifemaker Verlin Cossel.

Cossel’s patch knife is an evocative classic that conjures images of the early American frontier. Starting with reclaimed steel from an antique hay rake tine, Cossel handcrafted the blade at the coal forge in his home workshop. The blade is fitted in its tastefully-aged antler handle with a German silver pin, and sports a hand-cast pewter end cap. Cossel’s knife will also see double duty on the range: the base of the antler handle is fitted with a handy bullet starter.

The sheath for this piece is ruggedly appealing. The blade itself is cradled in an inner rawhide sleeve. The body of the outer sheath is handcrafted from walnut-dyed deerskin and is entirely hand-sewn.

Cossel’s utilitarian blade comes complete with a unique display stand suitable for home or office. The stand, which accommodates both the knife and the sheath, is made from apple and nectarine branches held by a nicely-patterned spalted hackberry base.For more information on the work of Verlin Cossel, contact the artist directly at:

Larry Pletcher, editor

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