CLA Auction Item: BAG AND HORN SET   by Jeff Luke

CLA Auction Item: BAG AND HORN SET   by Jeff Luke

CLA Auction Item: BAG AND HORN SET   by Jeff Luke

Bag size: Height 10”   Width 7 ½”      Powder horn: 13” Outside curve

Whether they’re carried afield for a day’s hunt or hung as period décor in your home, few period crafts exude the alure of the early frontier as well as a nicely paired hunting bag and horn.

This year’s CLF fundraising auction features a stellar set crafted by artist Jeff Luke. Luke created a quintessential hunter’s set to reflect what might have been carried on the frontier by a man of modest means toward the end of the 18th century. The fringed bag, constructed of bark tanned deer skin, displays a rich brown patina. The underside of the flap is lined with aged pillow tick, and the bag also has an inner pocket and flint pockets hand stitched with linen thread.

The heavy-duty cowhide strap is fully adjustable by means of a rugged hand forged round buckle. The hunting bag also comes with a small bark-tanned ball bag with a simple antler stopper.

The powder horn that accompanies this bag is an understated treasure that exudes the simple dignity of the early frontier. The horn’s stopper is hand carved walnut, and the base plug is white oak, secured to the horn with iron nails. The artist adorned the side of the horn with a simple but dignified scrimshaw inscription that succinctly captures the modest hopes of any outdoorsman: “Hunt Long, Live Well.”

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