CLA Auction Item:   LONG KNIFE By Adam Daub

CLA Auction Item:   LONG KNIFE By Adam Daub

CLA Auction Item:   LONG KNIFE By Adam Daub

Length: 15 ½”   Blade: 10 ½”

By Heinz Ahlers   Photography by H. David Wright

Any knife maker will tell you, the longer the blade, the more care you have to take at every step in the process. Forging, hardening, tempering need all to be right on to avoid cracks, warps, and brittle spots. When you do everything right you get one like Adam Daub has donated to this year’s fund raising auction.

The legendary knife of the American frontiersman, (hence the birth of the term “Long Knife”), these blades are also useful for butchering and chopping. With one hand on the blade and the other on the handle it is a drawknife for shaving greenwood.

This is a fine looking knife with very good lines. The poured pewter bolster and antler handle compliment the blade. The half-tang is double pinned to the crown antler handle. The brain-tanned deer hide sheath has a heavy leather liner to safely hold the blade.

This is a very wicked looking long knife for a Revolutionary War style rig – or for the woods runner, “Long Knife”.

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