CLA 2019 Auction: Early American hanging shelf by Patrick Thevenow

CLA 2019 Auction: Early American hanging shelf by Patrick Thevenow

Early American hanging shelf by Patrick Thevenow

While most blackpowder enthusiasts are outdoorsmen by nature, even the most die-hard frontiersman enjoys the comforts of home. For this year’s CLF fundraising auction, artist Patrick Thevenow has donated a fine piece of reproduction home décor that’s sure to tastefully complement a wide range of design schemes.

Thevenow’s hanging wall shelf is inspired by an original set of built-in cupboards constructed by an Indiana cabinetmaker circa-1818. Fittingly enough, the piece is constructed of solid tulip poplar, the state tree of Indiana. The shelves are solidly fitted to the body of the cabinet with dado joints, and period fasteners, including original wrought iron nails and slotted screws, were used where appropriate. The artist finished the piece with multiple coats of mustard-colored milk paint and then applied a clear finish for durability and washability.

“The CLA has given me the opportunity to develop friendships with so many wonderful artists,” explains Thevenow. “The more I’ve learned from these folks, the more comfortable I’ve felt spreading my own artistic wings and developing my own skills in woodworking, gun building, and blacksmithing…this is my humble contribution to support a group that continues to keep this art alive.”

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