Friendship National Shoot

Friendship 2011 Spring Shoot

A foggy morning at the Spring Shoot in Friendship

Ever see a shooting line a quarter mile long? Ever seen a muzzleloading slug gun that weighed over 100 lbs? Ever watched a barrel being rifled by hand? Ever seen a shooter bust doubles with a double flint fowler? You can for 10 days each spring and fall in southern Indiana. Come join us!  Editor: Larry Pletcher The Spring Shoot at Friendship is over, and as usual the trip was a treat. ... Read More »

Friendship 2011 Gallery One

First light at Friendship

Gallery One contains photos of the grounds, although many of these will overlap topics. Editor: Larry Pletcher The physical grounds change from time to time. The entrance to Primitive is recent, but the Education Building had its Grand Opening this spring. This project was completed completely with donations. The building has a kitchen, a large room for meetings or banquets, and a number of small meeting rooms.   Friendship 2011 Spring Shoot ... Read More »

Friendship 2011 Gallery Two

Shooting positions on the round ball bench rahge

Shooting Positions Let’s take a look at shooting competition at Friendship. Included in the main shooting line are Pistol, Offhand, Cross Sticks, Bench rest, Silhouettes, LongRange, Slug Guns, and Chunk Guns. Next to the Pistol Line is the Trap Range. A short walk up the dry creek bed is Skeet and the Quail Walk. Muzzleloaders of every description are shot here based on the type and the sights used.   Return to ... Read More »

Friendship 2011 Gallery Three

At the Primitive Range

Primitive Range The Primitive Range is our next stop. While there are many matches for primitive guns on the regular range, the primitive range is for primitive muzzleloaders exclusively. Here you will see shooters in costume firing flintlock rifles and fowling pieces – just to name a few. You might even see a rare breech-loading Ferguson rifle here. Again there are many matches. The Mountain Man Aggregate includes flint/steel fire starting , ... Read More »

Friendship 2011 Gallery Four

Jim and Mike problem solving

Commercial Row, Gun Makers Hall Next we’ll check out Commercial Row and Gun Makers Hall. If you need a hawk or knife, parts for a new gun, or about any other muzzleloading accessory, you can probably find it shopping these booths. If you need a barrel, Rice barrels are here. Chambers, Davis, and L&R locks are here. Wayne Dunlop has amazing wood. Gun Makers Hall is an amazing place. Some of the ... Read More »

Blackpowder Slug Guns – Precision Paper Punching Machinery

Blackpowdermag editor, Larry Pletcher For years I’ve been fascinated with the slug guns during the Muzzleloading Championships at Friendship. This year I decided to do an article on these remarkable guns. This article is the first in a two part series on slug guns. The second will look at the largest slug gun I have ever seen. Slug gun shooting has a long tradition in the NMLRA. During my 30+ years of ... Read More »

Blackpowder Slug Guns – The Mitchell Gun

Mitchell slug gun

Slug Guns Part 2 allows a unique look into the world of slug guns. is pleased to bring you this look at the “Mother of all Slug Guns.” Blackpowdermag editor, Larry Pletcher In Part 1 the topic was slug guns in general; Part 2 zeroes in on one of the largest slug guns ever to be fired at Friendship. This gun, built by George Mitchell, is one of four guns in ... Read More »