Friendship 2011 Spring Shoot
A foggy morning at the Spring Shoot in Friendship

Friendship 2011 Spring Shoot

Ever see a shooting line a quarter mile long? Ever seen a muzzleloading slug gun that weighed over 100 lbs? Ever watched a barrel being rifled by hand? Ever seen a shooter bust doubles with a double flint fowler? You can for 10 days each spring and fall in southern Indiana. Come join us!  Editor: Larry Pletcher

The Spring Shoot at Friendship is over, and as usual the trip was a treat. It’s hard to explain the many experiences. Whether it’s talking with old friends, looking for parts for another project, or drooling over the wonderful guns on display, the trip is a memorable one. But wait we forgot to mention the shooting competition. There is a match for about every gun and sight combination possible.


The purpose of this article is to give you a taste of Spring NMLRA shoot. The photos are on multiple pages to make them faster to load. One can’t cover everything, but you’ll get the idea.

Links below will take you to photo groupings based on general topics.

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