Friendship 2011 Gallery Four
Jim and Mike problem solving

Friendship 2011 Gallery Four

Commercial Row, Gun Makers Hall

Next we’ll check out Commercial Row and Gun Makers Hall. If you need a hawk or knife, parts for a new gun, or about any other muzzleloading accessory, you can probably find it shopping these booths. If you need a barrel, Rice barrels are here. Chambers, Davis, and L&R locks are here. Wayne Dunlop has amazing wood.

Gun Makers Hall is an amazing place. Some of the most beautiful guns hang on display here. Behind the hall you can watch barrels being rifled and fellows working on guns, answering questions as they work. You might see a fellow timing flintlocks with a computer, or a high speed video project going on, capturing flintlocks in slow motion.

I always have friends I need to see. One stop is always at Jim Chambers booth. For 20 years he has listened to my ideas for experiments and offered great advice. Mike Miller is one of my regular stops. He is finishing a gun for me this summer. Mark Silver, Tom Snyder, Gary Brumfield, Wallace Gusler, and David Price. can be seen here.



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