A Study in Lock Timing
Flintlock photo from JHAT article

A Study in Lock Timing

“A Study in Lock Timing” was originally a part of the Journal of Historical Armsmaking Technology, published by the NMLRA in 1991. It is reproduced here with permission from the NMLRA.,

I’d like to thank Gary Brumfield for his encouragement and advice during the data collecting and writing of this article.

The Siler below is the lock used in the ’80s for the JHAT article. It has been fired probably thousands of times, but never was mounted on a gun. The article below listed all the modifications that were done when the lock was made. It has served as a test bed for many different experiments.

I still have that exact same lock. However only the plate and the cock are original. In 2010 Jim Chambers planned to change the cracked frizzen. By the time he was finished only the cock and plate were left. It continues to be my test bed lock.


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