New High Speed Video from Friendship 2009

New High Speed Video from Friendship 2009 and Olympus Industrial bring you more flintlock videos. The frame rate is 5000 fps.

This page will be a work in progress but the videos should work. The taping was done at Gun Makers’ Hall during the Spring Nationals at Friendship. Monday June 15th was the big day. We taped 47 locks with the help of Norman Baumgartner from Olympus Industrial. Thanks Norm for all you do for us.

All the videos we taped will eventually be included here, but for the short term we will up load a sample. There will be chances to study this collection with new playback software, allowing more new knowledge.

Here is the first installment of large Siler locks. Six are included here with another batch of six to follow:

Here is the second batch of six large Silers:

Here is another batch of Chambers locks:

Next is the first group of six L&R Locks:

Here is the second group of L&R Locks:

Here is a group of locks from RE Davis Lock Company:

This last group of locks includes a huge wall gun lock, as well as an original Tower:

The locks below are the original uploads. This a a good place to examine one lock at a time.

This is a Custom Large Siler by LC Rice.

Shingler Wall Gun – front side

Shingler Wall Gun – back side with Cannon Grade

Lisle small Siler with a bronze bushing

This is the Everly ball bearing Siler firing Swiss Null B. Watch the lock plate do a wheelie. Jim C and I think its the lack of friction that is the cause.

This is the workhorse Siler up-side-down firing Null B.

This is the workhorse Siler up-side-down firing Cannon grade priming powder.

The video is a small Siler with Zippo lighter parts installed.

Lowell Gard installed a nipple on a small Siler percussion.

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