“Mr. Flintlock” Discusses “Impossible Shoots”

“Mr. Flintlock” Discusses “Impossible Shoots”

You may know George Sutton for a variety of reasons.  George, aka Mr Flintlock, has been doing the “Impossible Shoots” on Shooting USA on outdoor cable networks for a number of years.  You may know George from his visits to Friendship.  You may also know George as the man who has brought back Lehigh Valley lube under the name “Mr Flintlocks Patch Lube and Bore Cleaner”.


George and I sat down and chatted about flintlock shooting, those impossible shots, and how he was able to market Mr. Flintlock’s Lube.  I enjoyed this interview; I hope you like it.


Mr. Flintlock's Lube

Mr. Flintlock’s Lube


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