Projects to Come
Siler lock igniting Swiss Null B

Projects to Come

This is an informal list of future project ideas.  Nothing cast in stone here; just a place to keep notes on ideas.

1. Vent shape experiments — this will include an exterior tool made by Tom Snyder,  a friend who also makes an interior vent coning tool, as well as other tools for the gun maker.

2. A before and after test of Jim Chambers‘ late Ketland lock. We’ll time various combinations of the current and new parts.

3. Find an elapsed time for a double set trigger.  This will pretty subjective, and we’re not sure of a methodology.  Lowell Gard and I are brain-storming on this.

4. Slow motion video session with Olympus Industrial.  I have a few friends with original English locks that we’ll want to video tape.  We will also tape locks of any shooters who would like a video tape of their lock.

5. Because of missing a chance to get an interview with Gary Brumfield, I’d like to collect thoughts from his many friends.  This is just in planning stages, I want to make sure this gets done.

6. A photo session done at the Seminar in Bowling Green.

7. Continue doing video interviews.

8. Add two more lubes to the lube test.

9. Jim’s experiment with golden age tumblers.


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