• Two Hole Vent Test

    Two Hole Vent Test

    This test is a long time coming.  A couple years ago at CLA, Steve Chapman and I were looking over a flint gun made by Allan Sandy. The vent Allan used had two smaller holes located horizontally.  Allan said the ... Read More »
  • Projects to Come

    Projects to Come

  • Flintlock Lube Test

    Flintlock Lube Test

Contemporary Long Rifles

Your New Flint Rifle

This is a Chambers Gunmakers lock styled by Mike Miller

You’ve opened up a new dimension in muzzle loading with a new flint rifle. Being experienced with a percussion gun is a good start because you know procedures dealing with loading and cleaning a round ball gun. The lock, however, brings new challenges. Our discussion here is not meant to cover everything you need to know about shooting a flintlock. That would take books, and much of what you are about to ... Read More »

An Iconic Southern Pistol in the Style of Elisha Bull by Mike Miller

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  An Iconic Southern Pistol in the Style of Elisha Bull by Mike MillerThere are some antique flintlock arms that seem to epitomize a genre or “school” as well as capture the personality of the maker and the time and place in which it was created and used. The fine silver mounted “Death or Victory” pistol by Elisha Bull of Tennessee is just such a piece. Well known riflesmith Mike Miller of ... Read More »

Southern Mountain Rifle by Marc Tornichio

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  Southern Mountain Rifle by Marc TornichioThis early iron mounted Southern longrifle was created by Marc Tornichio. This rifle is not a copy of any one rifle but incorporates the architecture and features of several early iron mounted rifles of the western Virginia/Carolina Appalachian area from the 1790 to 1810 period. It shows the quality workmanship of a trained and talented gunsmith from 200 years ago or today. Marc says, “The rifle ... Read More »

Southern Banded Horn with Hand Woven Strap by Ron Hess and Kris Polizzi

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   Southern Banded Horn with Hand Woven Strap by Ron Hess and Kris PolizziThis is a Southern style banded horn of the type that would have been carried by militia or volunteers from the southern States in the War of 1812. This charming powder horn has been created by Ron Hess and the fine hand woven strap donated by Kris Polizzi.Ron lives in Georgia and makes powder horns and other items constructed ... Read More »