Reaves Goehring: supplier of fine riflemaking castings
Reaves Goehring at Dixons

Reaves Goehring: supplier of fine riflemaking castings

Riflemakers look to Reaves Goehring for the best castings for their flintlocks. His care in providing the correct parts for the various schools of muzzloading makes him widely respected. Reaves tells Tom Curran some of his story. This interview takes place on July 27, 2008, at Dixon’s Gunmaker’s Fair, Kempton, PA,

Reaves gives us a bit of background details of his life, and some of the story behind his marvelous longrifle castings. While Reaves refers to his castings as “his hobby”, I think it cannot mask the passion he feels for the longrifle. When you see his table of brass and steel castings, you know he takes his “hobby” seriously with every fiber of his being. Reaves gets incredibly fired up when talking about original guns. He loves to talk about where he bought a certain gun, unusual features of a particular gun, what he had to go through to get the patterns made, and who he has met along the way. Reaves is such a gracious and generous man, a gentleman in the truest sense of the word.

Reaves supplies us gunbuilders with patterns taken directly off original guns, in a beautiful soft brass, for a very reasonable price. When you shop at his table for parts, he points out which guard came with a certain buttplate, yet may show you several other guards which would be appropriate for your design. He vividly remembers details of guns he has taken patterns from, and shares any information he can recall. When I go the Fair, I always stop to visit with Reaves. He like a lantern in the darkness, shedding goodwill and knowledge upon anyone who asks. I have seldom met such an enthusiastic and energetic supporter of the art of the longrifle. Thank you, Reaves Goehring.

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BlackPowderMag wishes to thank Mr. Goehring for his interview, and to thank Tom Curran for conducting the interview for us. When I interview someone I worry about my inexperience in the interview process. Tom expressed that to me as well. I am quite confident in Tom’s interview skills. The thing I like very much about this one is that it sounds like two old friends chatting. I suspect that is actually the case. Thanks again, Acer. —–(Larry Pletcher)

(Title Photo: Reaves at Dixon’s 2008 – Photo: Tom Curran)


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