NMLRA 1 of 1000 Endowment
Painting by David Wright

NMLRA 1 of 1000 Endowment

The NMLRA’s “1 of 1000 Endowment Program” was the brain child of former president Merrill Deer. He hoped to find 1000 members who would each contribute $1000, to support the NMLRA. The funds go into a restricted endowment fund.

David Wright’s painting, “The Spirit of America” will be used to support the program in a variety of ways.

David Wright’s talent is widely known, especially to those of us with a passion about America’s past. His many paintings virtually place us back in time as America unfolds. Sometimes the view is an everyday moment like his painting “Plumb Wore Down”, one of my favorites. Other times, his paintings give us a glimpse of monumental importance. “The Spirit of America” is such a painting.

As chairman of the “1 of 1000 Endowment Program”, Robert Copner commissioned David Wright to create this work. Limited edition prints are reserved for new members of the endowment as they sign up. Others will be sold with funds going into the “1 of 1000 Endowment Program and the Association’s Education’s Building Fund.

You can be a part of this:

To find out more about the “1 of 1000 Endowment Program” and how you can take part :http://www.nmlra.org/

To find out more about David Wright’s artwork: http://www.davidwrightart.com/


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