Mark Baker Talks About Trekking
Mark Baker cooking supper

Mark Baker Talks About Trekking

I’m sitting in the back of Mike Miller’s booth at Friendship. There are a bunch of fellows interested in Mike’s guns. You can hear the bench guns at the firing line, but I’m doing the interview anyway. I lucked into a chance to talk with Mark Baker. Widely known in trekking circles, Mark just happened to be there when I walked by. I couldn’t miss this chance.

Mention trekking to black powder enthusists and the name Mark Baker is sure to come up. Mark spoke with me at the Spring Nationals in 2006. Mark’s passion for wilderness living using ways from the 1700’s is evident in this interview.

Mark and I come from an educational background, but his knowledge of primitive ways quickly leaves me behind. I envy him all the rich experiences which he has enjoyed living in the past. I hope you find his conversation as enjoyable as I did.

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