L C Rice Discusses Barrels and Locks

Many shooters go to LC Rice to get a barrel. He and Liston make some of the best. I went to him for flintlock tuning. He tunes some of the best. . .

LC Rice Interview at Friendship – Spring 2006

LC Rice has to be one of the most knowledgable and entertaining characters at Friendship. Listen to his story about he and Liston beginning the L&R Lock Company and their eventual barrel-making business. When LC talks it’s a good idea to pay attention. While you think you are being entertained, he is teaching you a bunch. I’d try to use an example here, but you’re far better off listening to him on the recording.

As of the Spring 2007 Shoot, Rice Barrels is operated by Liston Rice. I spoke with Liston about the change. LC is tuning locks for Jim Chambers. LC is on his own clock now instead of the company clock. And, few men are his equal at lock-tuning.

Visit Rice’s website: www.www.ricebarrels.com

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