Gunmakers Panel Discussion

Blackpowdermag presents a Panel Discussion from GunMakers Hall. Listen as Mark Silver, Jim Chambers,Bob Harn, Wallace Gusler, and LC Rice field audience questions. . . . . . .

Black Powder Magazine is pleased to bring you a series of digital interviews and discussions promoting black powder shooting sports. Our initial offering is a panel discussion taped at Gunmakers Hall during the NMLRA 2006 Spring Championships in Friendship, Indiana. Participants in the discussion are Jim Chambers, Wallace Gusler, Bob Harn, LC Rice, and Mark Silver. Because of its length, the discussion will be broken into six segments. The panel discussion segments will be published at intervals in the coming months. We think you will enjoy hearing the experts’ thoughts on a variety of muzzleloading topics. All comments are “off the cuff” responses to audience questions. The segments vary in length between 15 and 25 minutes.

Panel Discussion Part 1:
LC Rice talks about barrels. Wallace Gusler and Mark Silver discuss fitting a custom gun to the shooter. Wallace also talks about effect of moisture on the “movie gun”.

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