David Price talks with Black Powder Mag

David Price talks with Black Powder Mag

David Price makes beautiful guns. His speciality is the Swivel Breech. In the years I have known him, I have had the chance to look at many of his guns. His work is on numerous magazine covers, at Dixons, at Friendship, and as the raffle gun for GunMakers’ Hall.


David is man with the desire and ability of teach others what he knows. His web site,  The Flintlock Shop, has tutorials on carving and wire inlay. He teaches classes in his shop, Dixons, and at Friendship. As an example after attending one of his classes on tool sharpening, I know what “sharp” is.


Our first try at an interview suffered from technical difficulties. Below is the interview just completed (2014 Spring Shoot).

I spent a particularily enjoyable afternoon when David helped me with the high speed video of locks at GunMakers’ Hall. When we discussed our plans I mentioned that I thought we should use the same powder for each trial, David said, “I think the same guy should do all the priming.” And then he did just that – removing another variable in our work.

In all of this David and I have become good friends. Besides his abilities as a gunmaker, David is a good story-teller and has a great sense of humor. And – I treasure the book he gave me containing photos of his work.


David granted me permission to use photos from his book. Here is one I especially like.


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