CLA Auction Item — Powder Horn by Glen Sutt

CLA Auction Item — Powder Horn by Glen Sutt

The powder horn has always been a very personal piece of equipment. Map horns that showed country the bearer already knew like the back of his hand, scrimshawed horns with the owners name, plain buffalo horns that showed that you had killed one, and spotted horns all told a story. The understated but elegant horns in keeping with the plain living, God fearing folks of the Southern frontier and the flamboyant independence celebrating horns of the Tansel family, all make statements about their makers and owners.

Glen Sutt contributed this grand Southern banded horn to this years auction. The color is very appealing with subtle variations of white. Decoration is subtle on this horn, a decorative band at the butt with Glenn’s name and date, two perfectly fitted bands, and a turned cherry plug and applied turned tip. This horn tells the story of Glen’s artisty and meticulous craftsmanship and exhibits his talent at making art out of simple natural material.

Glenn Sutt died earlier this year and will be especially missed by all his friends in the horner community. We will miss his support of the CLA auction and his friendly advice.

Text by H Ahlers

Photos by D Wright

Larry Pletcher, editor – I admired Glenn as  an artist and a person. He will be greatly missed.

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