CLA Auction Item – Hunting Set by Tom And Sandy Greco

CLA Auction Item – Hunting Set by Tom And Sandy Greco

The successful colonial farmer, wealthy merchant or Virginia aristocrat, wanted his equipment to send a message about his social status.   A fine rifle or fowling piece would be accompanied by fine shooting bag and horn. By the beginning of the French and Indian war rococo decoration and dark leather were very much in style.

Tom and Sandy Greco, repeat auction supporters, have created this refined and historically appropriate hunting set for this years auction. The set is comprised of a belt pouch, 7 by 6 inches; a hunting bag, roughly 8 1/2 inches high and 8 inches wide: and a powder horn roughly 11 inches around the outside curve.

The leather pieces are of cow hide, stained with vinegar stain, and lined with sueded calf skin. It has brass buckles and tactsThe craftsmanship on both leather pieces is top quality, with gussets, welts, binding on the edges and lined flaps. The flaps are decorated with with diamond pattern engraving and small brass tacks. Both have brass buckles. The top grain lined strap for the shooting bag with two brass buckles and D rings pairs perfectly with the bag.

The powder horn is as elegant as they get. Tom Greco’s carefully crafted horn is set off by a classic rococo leaf pattern designed and engraved by Sandy Greco, who once again demonstrates her mastery of 18th century art forms. A panel is provided for the owner to place his name. The horn has a separate strap, appropriate for a gentleman’s outfit, meticulously crafted and decorated with wooden beads.   The horn has subtle little touches like the woven cord securing the spout and the twist in the stable securing the front strap.

All the pieces are marked with the Greco fish and G touch mark.

Tom and Sandy Greco’s contact information is

phone 773-744-5401

copy by H Ahlers

Photo 1 R Lambert

Other photos H Ahlers

Larry Pletcher, editor

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