CLA Auction Item — Elk Hide Hunting Bag by Gary Tingler

CLA Auction Item — Elk Hide Hunting Bag by Gary Tingler

The longrifle is an essential part of the longhunter’s kit. But,the longrifle without the hunting bag is a difficult thing to manage. You could put the balls in a your pocket, if you had a pocket, or in your mouth, but probably not enough for a “long hunt” So the hunting bag became a natural accessory to the longhunter’s gun. It was also a presonal piece of equipment, with a number of styles and materials available, sometimes made by a professional bag maker, sometimes by a neighborhood leather worker, and sometimes by the longhunter himself to fit the needs and style of the individual hunter.

Gary Tingler donated two hunting bags to this years auction. One is with the Wrightsman early Lancaster trifle. This one is a stand alone piece. The elk hide used on this bag is very supple with a nice comfortable feel and the long wearing aspects of elk hide. The bag has fine details. There is extensive use of edge binding, on the outside flap and on the interior pocket flap. The applied detail of the hunter’s star on the flap combines with the hand made brass buttons to set the bag off a bit. The hand forged strap buckle and the Kris Polizzi strap show the attention to detail this maker is known for.

This is a chance to own a great bag with interior pockets that will travel well on your hunting trips.


Gary Tingler’s contact information is

Text by H Ahlers

Photo 1 by R Lambert
Photo 2 through 5 by H Ahlers
photo 6 by K Tingler

Larry Pletcher, editor

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