CLA 2019 Auction: Classic beaver tail hunting bag by Doug Warren

CLA 2019 Auction: Classic beaver tail hunting bag by Doug Warren

Classic beaver tail hunting bag by Doug Warren

One of the most vital pieces of equipment for blackpowder shooters is a rig consisting of a watertight horn and a dependable possibles bag, and this year’s CLA auction will afford bidders the opportunity to own a truly exemplary set by artist Doug Warren.

Warren’s bag is a fine collector’s piece that will be perfectly at home in a display case or in the field. The artist utilized period-appropriate materials for the entire bag. Crafted from 3 ½ oz. deerskin dyed in walnut, the bag has a roomy interior and features the classic styling of a beaver tail flap. Entirely hand-sewn with pure flax linen thread, this well-made bag also sports an additional exterior pocket, situated just under the flap. Fitted with a heavy cowhide shoulder strap and iron buckle, this fully adjustable piece is ready for the woods or the firing line. The bag comes complete with an equally impressive powder horn, which is fitted with a red cedar base plug and a turned maple stopper,

Artist and CLA member Doug Warren is an experienced craftsman who’s been building bags and horns for nearly three decades. His experience as a maker is on full display in this exceptional piece: fine craftsmanship, paired with a subtly distressed patina to the leather, qualifies Warren’s stunning bag and horn set as a museum-quality replica.

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Larry Pletcher, editor

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