CLA Auction Item — Brooch and Box by Glen Mock

CLA Auction Item — Brooch and Box by Glen Mock

The Eighteenth Century was a time of few possessions. Items of personal ornament often doubled with a useful purpose. The treasured family pieces were kept in containers appropriate to their value.

Glen Mock has created such a piece for the 2017 Auction. Carefully crafted from natural material this shawl brooch is stunning and elegant. Glen has always been known for his scrimshaw work in horn, bone, antler and other natural materials.

This brooch has some of his best work, a delicate vining pattern with flowers and butterflies and a heart suggesting a gift to a loved one. The brooch pin is elegantly simple.

The box of curly maple repeats the vining floral design with silver wire and scrimshaw. With its red wool lining and decorated lid the box is every bit as elegant as the brooch. Your sweet-heart may let you borrow the brooch to pin up your plaid, but she will never let you have this container.

Glen has been a regular auction supporter because he believes in the CLA and its support for contemporary artists.


Glen mock’s contact information is

text by H Ahlers
Photos by D Wright

Larry Pletcher, editor

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