CLA Auction Item: Boone Rifle by Ed Fish

 CLA Auction Item: Boone Rifle by Ed Fish

Ed Fish is donating a copy of a very important rifle currently owned by Brian LaMaster. The rifle bears an inscription on the patchbox, N D Boone, Kaintuck done in a primitive style. Based on this inscription and extensive research Brian believes the original rifle may have been owned by Nathan Boone, and that it was built by Daniel Boone and William Arbuckle around 1790. The rifle could have been used by Nathan in the early 1790’s.


Brian’s careful research is documented in the LRA Association Bulletin, Vol. 35, Number 2, Winter 2008.

Ed Fish based his rifle on Brian’s original. Brian shared photos and measurements with Ed for the build.

Ed Rayl, who donated the barrel, made a copy of the original 43″ 50 caliber barrel. The barrel has the style of a 1790’s Southern rifle with a swamp from .900 inch at the breech to .840 inch at the waist and .875 inch at the muzzle. The trigger pull is the same as the original 12 1/2 inches.


The architecture of the rifle shows characteristics of Botefourt County, Virginia. Some of the patchbox features may be precursors to the later Bryant style. Ed has carefully copied the architecture and furniture of the original.

Ed Fish has produced an excellent copy of what is at least an honest working brass mounted rifle of the late 18th century. It has many features constant with Brian LaMaster’s theory of that rifle’s origin.

Ed Fish can be contacted at:

Text by H Ahlers
Photos by R Lambert

Brian LaMaster “The Boone Rifle” The Kentucky Rifle
Association Bulletin Vol.35, Number 2, Winter 2008

Larry Pletcher, editor

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