CLA 2019 Auction:  Possibles bag by Gary Tingler

CLA 2019 Auction:  Possibles bag by Gary Tingler

Possibles bag by Gary Tingler

           Faithful CLA supporter and skilled craftsman Gary Tingler has created another outstanding hunting bag for this year’s CLF fundraising auction. This piece is a gracefully proportioned possibles bag entirely hand-crafted from hard-wearing buffalo leather, with edges bound in deerskin. The bag, graced with a rich brown patina, has a handy inner pocket, and comes complete with a pewter-capped pick and brush set handmade by Tingler. The bag, which is entirely handstitched in waxed linen thread, is paired with an appropriately matched hand-woven strap by noted artisan Kris Polizzi. The strap, fitted with a forged iron buckle and oil-tanned leather tongue, is fully adjustable.

Born and raised in the mountains of West Virginia, Tingler has had a love for history and muzzleloading rifles since childhood. A leather worker with thirty years of experience, Tingler notes that “the love of the hobby has never lost interest” and he continues to hone his skills in the craft. “It’s not only a hobby,” he points out, “but a love of labor in creating these items of our heritage from long ago.”

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