CLA 2019 Auction: Bag and horn set by Tom Greco

CLA 2019 Auction: Bag and horn set by Tom Greco

Bag and horn set by Tom Greco


Artisan Tom Greco is well known as a maker of distinctive, top-quality frontier art. Not surprisingly, he’s contributed a standout bag and horn set for this year’s CLF fundraising auction. The body of Greco’s unique possibles bag is crafted from goat hide, which is richly colored with a brown leather dye and a sealing coat of grease. The warm color of the bag contrasts nicely with the outer flap, as well as the flap of a smaller pocket, which are made from alligator skin.

Greco stained the matching powder horn with multiple coats of chromic acid. The set comes complete with a hickory ball starter as well as a buffalo horn vent pick and horse hair pan brush, both of which are accented with wooden beads.



For more information on the work of Tom Greco, contact the artist directly at:

(More photos may be available when CLF’s auction page is done.)

Larry Pletcher, editor




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