2014 CLA Live Auction: Chris Barker Hunting Pouch Set

2014 CLA Live Auction: Chris Barker Hunting Pouch Set



Chris Barker has donated a complete hunting rig. Chris designed the bag and con-structed the rig, doing all of the leather work. We are proud to say the Chris is one of our repeat donors to the live auction.

Several other artisans were involved in the project. The leather for the bag was donated by Joel Ketonen of the Dallas Muzzle Loading Gun Club, The accoutrements were pur-chased from noted artisans by Chris. The Southern banded horn and powder measure were made by Mark Ewing. The measure throws 50 grains and is adjustable in the old fashioned way. You can file it down to throw the appropriate charge or half charge. Ed Wilde of Wilde Weavery furnished the hand forged buckles and vent pick. If you note in the photographs the buckles on the strap and the horn straps are particularly nice. The green checked lining material is an authentic pattern from Burnley and Towbridge. Jeff White made the knife and Chris notes “The knife is really sharp. I like to play with any-thing that shoots, but am scared of the possibility of cutting myself.”


The pan brush is a recycled from a 38 special and a shoe brush. This bag is roomy. Sewn with 5 cord unbleached linen thread, it is completely appropriate to the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Everything on the bag is readily detachable so you can customize it as you wish. I believe it is good to run the river with as it it is.

Although this could make a great display piece I believe it is meant to be used and will give long years of service to the successful bidder.

Chris Barker has been involved in muzzleloading for over 35 years. He has made a study of hunting bags. He won the Judges Choice Purple Ribbon at Dixon’s Gun Makers Fair in 1992. Articles have been published about his work in the July 2006 MUZZLE BLASTS and the September/October 2006 MUZZLELOADER. Chris makes each bag different from the previous one and strives to produce work of an heirloom quality. One of his arti-cles can be found on the Contemporary Makers Blog at http://contemporarymakers.blogspot.com/2012/05/thought-on-hunting-pouches-and-horns-by.html

Chris Barker can be contacted via email at csbarkeriii@att.net.

This series of articles is for the benefit of the CLA Auction on August 15, 2014.   Larry Pletcher, editor


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