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Blackpowder Slug Guns – Precision Paper Punching Machinery

George Mitchell fires the 100 lb slug gun

Blackpowdermag editor, Larry Pletcher For years I’ve been fascinated with the slug guns during the Muzzleloading Championships at Friendship. This year I decided to do an article on these remarkable guns. This article is the first in a two part series on slug guns. The second will look at the largest slug gun I have ever seen. Slug gun shooting has a long tradition in the NMLRA. During my 30+ years of ... Read More »

Blackpowder Slug Guns – The Mitchell Gun

Mitchell slug gun

Slug Guns Part 2 allows a unique look into the world of slug guns. is pleased to bring you this look at the “Mother of all Slug Guns.” Blackpowdermag editor, Larry Pletcher In Part 1 the topic was slug guns in general; Part 2 zeroes in on one of the largest slug guns ever to be fired at Friendship. This gun, built by George Mitchell, is one of four guns in ... Read More »