Lancaster County

Bucks County Hunting Gear

A Bucks County rifle and accouterments article has been on my mind for a number of years. The motivation for this came from three different people.  First, Samuel Pletcher was my great, great, great grandfather.  He lived in Lancaster County until he was about 40, then took his family by wagon to the Howard area in north central Pennsylvania around 1790.  I’ve been interested in stories, tools, and possessions that would have ... Read More »

Lancaster Trip

Kevin and Larry beside Samuel Pletcher's Grave stone

Lancaster County — The Search for Samuel and Henry Pletcher Our search begins with tracking down a rumor that the name “Pletcher” was carved in a wall at Valley Forge. We stop at the Mennonite Historical Society. Valley Forge – Tuesday, May 26 Our first day began with a drive from Lancaster to Valley Forge to look for a “Pletcher” reported to be carved in a wall there. We wondered if it ... Read More »