James Klein

Conner Prairie Traditional Arts and Arms Making Workshop

folding knife parts

The Conner Prairie 17th Annual Traditional Arts and Arms Making Workshop is history. Flintlock fans came from California to New England to learn from a core of talented instructors. A majority of the students come back year after year. Take a look at what you missed and what is in store for next year. If you shoot black powder, you’ll want to see this. I had heard about the Conner Prairie classes ... Read More »

James Klein Talks about Rifle Building

James Klein

James Klein discusses rifle building with BlackPowderMag. James Klein Interview, Friendship – Spring 2006 From the time I first stopped by James Klein’s booth at Friendship, there have always been beautiful rifles to examine. In the interview Jim discusses rifle building, including his favorites to produce. James’s association with Homer Dangler has been a long one, and James has taken over the production of the gun stock stains that Homer began. Any ... Read More »