Frank Willis

Bucks County Hunting Gear

A Bucks County rifle and accouterments article has been on my mind for a number of years. The motivation for this came from three different people.  First, Samuel Pletcher was my great, great, great grandfather.  He lived in Lancaster County until he was about 40, then took his family by wagon to the Howard area in north central Pennsylvania around 1790.  I’ve been interested in stories, tools, and possessions that would have ... Read More »

Frank Willis – Bag and Horn Maker

I consider Frank Willis one of our premier bag and horn makers.  I first met him at the 2013 CLA Show.  We were discussing southeastern PA bullet bags.  Frank had some great work on his table and helped me to understand a little more how I should select the type of bag I wanted. In emails this August, Frank mentioned that he might have a bag I might be interested in.  He ... Read More »