Double Hunting Pouch by William Smith

The hunting pouch is an icon of the American frontier. By the early 19th century pouches could show distinct regional variations, wide ranges in quality from home made to finest cordwainers work, and variations in size and shape based on use. This years auction presents a stunning range of bags and accoutrements.Bill Smith has donated a double bag of finely tanned deer skin with double internal compartments. Bill has been making bags ... Read More »

Bedford Co. — John Stoudenour

—pretty neat original Bedford County gun— photographs by Larry Pletcher An original Bedford Co. rifle recently surfaced in northern Indiana. The name plate on the barrel identifies it as John Stoudenour. The Stoudenour family included John Sr.and his sons, Jacob and John Jr. This gun is likely to have been made by John Jr. Some of these photos were shown on the American Longrifles forum. When these were posted on ALR, they ... Read More »

2008 CLA Show — ALR noon meeting

Don's Bag

The biggest CLA show ever is now over. While the number of CLA exhibitors grew from years past, the original displays done by the Kentucky Rifle Association made an immense contribution. Following is a collection of photos from a number of sources. We hope you enjoy them. I decided to use a series of slide shows because of the number of photos to be included. I wish to thank those who gave ... Read More »